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If you have plans to open a new business, or if your existing business will be relocating to a new location, one of the most important things to consider is whether or not the building is ADA compliant. Any business offering products or services to the public needs to be compliant with ADA guidelines or face a Federal lawsuit for non-compliance. An experienced ADA contractor can help to make sure you meet the necessary requirements.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common things an ADA contractor will look at when making your business ADA compliant.

Accessible Parking Facilities

The ADA requires businesses to provide accessible parking. The number of bays needed depends on the size of the building’s parking lot. As a general rule of thumb, for every 25 parking spaces, at least one needs to be accessible. These spaces need to be located as close as possible to a wheelchair-accessible entrance and have a minimum 5 feet wide access aisle. There are also limitations on the allowable ground slope. An ADA contractor can help you to achieve ADA-compliant parking for your customers.

Accessible Entrances

It is important to have at least one accessible entrance to your business, which should remain unlocked during business hours. There must be clear signage directing individuals to the accessible one if there is more than one entrance. The doorway itself must meet specific width requirements, and accessible door hardware is necessary. Your ADA contractor can talk you through all of the requirements to create an ADA compliant accessible entrance.

Access Ramps

If the walking surface changes more than 0.5 inches in height, a ramp is required. This includes offering an alternative to stairs. Accessible ramps should be at least 3 feet wide with a level landing at the top and the bottom. Your ADA contractor can recommend a slip-resistant material to surface the ramp with.


The international symbol of accessibility, a white wheelchair icon on a blue background, should be displayed on all accessible parking spaces, elevators, bathrooms, and accessible entrances. Permanent rooms should also have tactile characters and braille on the signage, and any text should contrast with the background color.

Accessible Restroom Facilities

It is important to provide accessible restroom facilities if you have a restroom that customers can use. A number of requirements must be met to make your restroom ADA compliant, including stall width, grab bars, sink heights, and signage. Your ADA contractor will help to make sure that you meet these requirements.


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