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Our Process

One of the things that makes Protrk® Construction stand out from our competitors, is the finely tuned proprietary process that we use. When it comes to ADA compliance, precision is essential and our step by step process helps us to achieve this. The Protrk® Process is tested and trusted and has been perfected over the past 40 years! We combine the most advanced current technologies and our many years of seasoned experience in the industry to bring our customers time-saving, cost-effective processes. We put every project through our complete process, this is how we are able to guarantee our work meets ADA requirements and will reduce the risk of future lawsuits. We do not take on any project without using our proven proprietary process.


On this project, the property owner contacted Protrk® and requested that we replace their non-compliant ramp with a new switch back style ramp that would be fully ADA Compliant. We conducted a 3D laser scan, reviewed the elevations, and determined that if we could reroute the location of the accessible route using the 5% lesser slope walk requirements we could save the owner $41,000. We had 3/8 of one inch in 58 feet to work with before it was considered an ADA Compliant Ramp.

Cost Savings Example - Before
Cost Savings Example - During
Cost Savings Example - After


Laser Scanning Aperture & Accuracy

When it comes to using 3D Laser Scans of ADA Barrier Removal Areas, there are a number of advantages associated with using this technology. Some of these include:

  • Capture accurate and dense measurements quickly with little to no impact on the current operations of the area.
  • Point-2
  • Able to extract user-defined topography without the use of a traditional transit style survey process.
  • Point-3
  • Export vector line data for generating 2D drawings of the existing conditions and the proposed scope of work.
  • Point-4
  • Generate a point of elevation measurement grid to show high and low points against a user-defined benchmark.
  • Point-5
  • Create drawings showing the slope and flow of the site in a visually informative way that is easy to understand.

Take a look at our new 3D point cloud laser scanner in action! Here you can see us scanning a large site. The data collected allows use to develop as-built drawings that are accurate to within 1 millimeter. Accuracy when developing as-built drawings creates the knowledge required to save our clients tens of thousands of dollars when we value engineer our accessibility solutions.

Our design process not only saves our clients money, but we eliminate the need to have the stakeholders visiting the site every time something isn’t going as per the plan. Having our as-built scans allows everyone to meet virtually from the Protrk® Offices sharing a screen with our design team, field team, and stakeholders. By using Protrk® Construction as your ADA Contractor we estimate that we can reduce the time you spend going on site visits by as much as 75%.



Being involved in ADA design and construction has given me the opportunity to help a lot of business owners and commercial property owners prevent costly ADA compliant lawsuits.

Mike Schaeffer

Owner & Founder Protrk®


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