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Protrk®’s Mission


In every person we engage, exceed their expectations.

As an experienced ADA contractor, we have the opportunity to help business owners and commercial property owners to protect themselves against expensive ADA lawsuits. We use the finely-tuned proprietary process that we have perfected during more than 40 years in the ADA construction industry to make sure that every customer gets excellent value for money while also meeting ADA and California Code Requirements. That's the Protrk® promise!


Start with the Client

Start with the Client: The client is our top priority. Every day we are hyper-focused on making them love choosing Protrk®. Someone who embraces this value makes every decision, no matter how big or small, with the client at the top of their mind. They put themselves in the client’s shoes and make their experience better than they expected.

Act with integrity

Act with integrity: Act honestly, transparent, and in the moment, always committed to doing what is best for our clients and our company. We have no tolerance for politics, hidden agendas, or passive-aggressive behavior.

Challenge and Collaborate

Challenge and Collaborate: Truly live this value, you welcome hard conversations and do not make assumptions - ask and answer questions. Rely on each other to find team solutions. Your team members should be your toughest critics, your biggest challengers, and your loudest supporters.


Sustainability: We promote green choices from our company structure with a focus on telecommuting, company vehicles, designing overlays systems versus remove and replace, and job site recycling procedures.

Enjoy the journey

Enjoy the journey: We make sure our team feels appreciated and valued. We allow employees to work from where they function best, have results-based pay, bonuses based on our client’s reviews, and team lunch events. These are some of the ways we celebrate our people. Take the time to stop and acknowledge where we came from so that we do not miss how impressive the climb is.

End with the Company

End with the Company: Get it done! Our clients trust us to design and build their projects because we solve their problems; and we take that seriously. Our team will overcome obstacles, find solutions, and deliver exceptional results.


Being involved in ADA design and construction has given me the opportunity to help a lot of business owners and commercial property owners prevent costly ADA compliant lawsuits.

Mike Schaeffer

Owner & Founder Protrk®


Tested & Proven


Working For You


For ADA Compliance


The Right Call

Precision & Quality
Stress-Free Process

  • Step 1 - Third Party CASp Report
  • Step 2 - "As-Built" Drawings
  • Step 3 - Solutions & Value Engineering
  • Step 4 - Construction Documents & Permits
  • Step 5 - ADA Build Out
  • Step 6 - ADA Compliant Certifications