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Why Choose Protrk® As Your ADA Concrete Contractor

Why Choose Protrk® As Your ADA Concrete Contractor

30 Jun 2022 By Admin

Suppose you have been looking for an ADA concrete contractor who can help you to protect your business against potential ADA lawsuits. In that case, you have probably been looking for a contractor to help you get your business or property fully compliant. Why should that contractor be Protrk® Construction? The answer is simple; we will be your best defense when it comes to ADA lawsuits in California. From the street to your entrance, we are the ADA concrete contractors who can get the job done. We serve as your first and only port of call — no more jumping through hoops or working with go-betweens. We take care of each and every step of the process giving you one point of contact and one source of responsibility. No passing the buck. We are committed to helping you protect yourself against ADA lawsuits. Let’s take a closer look at why you should choose Protrk® Construction as your ADA concrete contractor.

The Protrk® Difference

So, what is it that makes Protrk® Construction different from all of those other contractors when it comes to ADA concrete work? We are self-performing contractors using a directly employed team and minimal subcontractors. This means we know that our workforce is trained in the latest ADA standards putting you in the hands of the ADA pros.

  1. Quality & Precision - When it comes to ADA concrete and compliance, precision is everything. Even 1/16 of an inch could be the difference between an ADA compliant building and a federal lawsuit!
  2. Superior Service & Controlled Cost - We pride ourselves on providing our ADA concrete clients with the best customer service and quality workmanship. We use our value engineering process to ensure controlled costs, saving our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars on their projects.
  3. Timely Completion & Delivery - We work efficiently to complete your project as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of our work. Our clients often experience little to no downtime for their business during the project.
  4. Lawsuit Avoidance - When it comes to avoiding an ADA lawsuit, the best possible defense is to be ADA compliant. California has a massive problem with so-called ‘drive-by’ lawsuits filed by serial plaintiffs. Don’t give them anything to complain about - get ADA compliant.

Protrk® Makes ADA Concrete Less Stressful

With one call, we do it all! It is our goal to eliminate the confusion and stress that often comes with ADA concrete and other construction work. We do this by providing all of our clients with a single source of responsibility. When it is time to get your business or property ADA compliant, you can trust Protrk® Construction to handle every aspect of the process, from design to building to certification. Just one call to Protrk is all it takes, and we can get the ball rolling to make sure that you are in compliance with all of the necessary ADA requirements.

We Are The Experts in ADA Concrete

One of the key reasons to choose Protrk® Construction over a general contractor is that ADA concrete and ADA construction is the only type of work that we do. That means we are able to devote our attention to keeping up to date with all of the changes in what the ADA requires. We know the law inside and out. Over the years, we have become a one-stop shop for business owners in California who are looking to protect themselves from drive-by ADA lawsuits by becoming fully ADA compliant.

Fast Track Process For ADA Concrete & Building Permits

At Protrk® Construction, we understand that sometimes time is of the essence when you are working on achieving ADA compliance for your business. That’s why we have developed our unique fast-track process to secure the necessary building permits to carry out ADA concrete work and other ADA construction.

Our team includes a full-time architect, commercial builder, retired building official, and several CASps. With this team of ADA and construction experts, we are able to fast-track permits as a priority. We can secure the required permits as soon as the same day, up to around 2.5 weeks.


Design | Build | Certified

Why Wait to be "Forced" into ADA Compliance. If you are a public business or public property owner, save money, lawsuits, time and headaches by being prepared and avoiding it all in the first place. It’s time to call in the ADA pros. Use Protrk, an ADA construction expert, to Get it Done Right Prior to Forced Compliance. 

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Being involved in ADA design and construction has given me the opportunity to help a lot of business owners and commercial property owners prevent costly ADA compliant lawsuits.

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