Upset Over Non-Accessible Stage for 73rd Emmy Awards

Upset Over Non-Accessible Stage for 73rd Emmy Awards

Oscar-nominated director James LeBrecht and his legal representatives filed a complaint against to organizers of the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards, hosted in Los Angeles in September. The complaint stated that no allowances had been made for anyone with access needs and that this should be planned for regardless of whether or not it was felt any presenter or nominee required it. As a result, it was agreed that a front-facing accessible ramp would be added to the stage allowing everyone the same access to the stag regardless of their mobility needs. Prior to this agreement, the organizers had stated that those who could not climb the stairs could access the stage from a rear entrance, or that a microphone could be brought to their seat instead. However, LeBrecht argued this was causing separation, not inclusivity. Unfortunately, they did not end up fulfilling the promise to install the visibly accessible ramp. TV Academy president Maury McIntyre stated that the show was fully ADA compliant as there was a lift to the side of the stage if required, but disability advocates said this was not enough and they needed to show visibly that disabled people in the industry were important and not an afterthought.

Read the complaint in full here:


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