Uber Sued for Overcharging Disabled Passengers

Uber Sued for Overcharging Disabled Passengers

Uber has been sued by the Department of Justice for breaching the Americans with Disabilities act by charging an additional wait fee when disabled passengers need extra time to get into the vehicle.

The fees were implemented in 2016 in some target markets including the Northern District of California, but are now implemented across the United States. US Attorney Stephen Hinds stated that the wait time fees take a significant toll on disabled passengers and that Uber are clearly aware of the additional needs of passengers who are blind, or use mobility aids and may need more time to exit or enter a vehicle, especially if having to fold a mobility aid up. The lawsuit says disabled passengers are entitled to access ride-share service without discrimination and that additional boarding time is a reasonable accommodation.

Responding to the lawsuit, Uber issued a statement saying the disagree that the policy violates the ADA since wait fees are charged to able bodied riders who are not waiting at the pickup point within 2 minutes.

Read More HERE: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/uber-overcharging-disabled-users-justice-department-says-lawsuit-rcna5149


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