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Is your Exterior ADA Compliant?

Is your Exterior ADA Compliant?

23 Jun 2022 By Admin

If you don’t personally face accessibility issues, you likely stroll into and out of buildings with ease. If there’s a problem with the sidewalk or parking lot, you simply step over the obstacle and continue on your way. But, if you’re one of the 15% of our population, you might encounter access issues when trying to enter a business. Most businesses believe they’re ADA compliant even if they’re not. Consulting with an ADA concrete contractor can help you navigate the complicated waters of compliance. Are you concerned you may not be compliant? Let’s examine considerations you should take regarding your business’ exterior access.

Non-Compliance Risks

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed back in 1990. It’s become a term every business places on the forefront when thinking about operating. The bottom line is, the act serves as a guarantee that companies are setup for everyone to access them equally… without barriers or problems for those who have a disability.

Running your company with a complacent attitude and not considering the population who may need easy access to your place can cause major problems for you. By working with an ADA concrete contractor in the first place, you’ll avoid angry customers, or even worse, a civil rights violation or lawsuit.. Maintaining ADA compliance is no joke. If you don’t, you could be facing some serious ramifications

  • Upset customers and lost business. On top of potentially upsetting a paying customer, word of mouth spreads fast, especially when a person can’t even get into your place. Then a domino effect may take place and you could find yourself losing customers from bad word of mouth.
  • Lawsuits. An overwhelming majority (a whopping 80%) of ADA violations occur in ten California and New York counties. Lawsuits are complicated, messy, and expensive. Avoiding them saves you, and the public, on all sides.
  • Civil rights violations. Since the ADA was passed over 30 years ago, violating it qualifies as a civil rights violation under law.

Considerations to Take

Simply looking at the entrance and pathways into your building won’t cut it. It helps to make a mental checklist of what considerations you should take to assure you’re ADA compliant. If you discover any discrepancies, contact an ADA concrete contractor to fix the issue ASAP.

One thing to consider is that if you own an older building, you’re not exempt from the rules. When starting a new business and setting up a new structure, compliance with title III of the Americans with Disability Act may top your list of considerations. But, if anything, you need to think about how your exterior is setup with an older existing business. That same title III mentioned above also requires barriers to be removed in existing businesses.

So, if we’re thinking about performing alterations and wonder about outside accessibility into a business, what areas should you consider? Step outside and walk around to mentally note how it is to get into your place. Also, check with an ADA concrete contractor.

Major considerations to be ADA compliant in primary function areas (like getting in and out of the building) would be –

  • Parking lots - is there anything in the way that a wheelchair or someone with walking issues can’t travel over?
  • Exterior sidewalks - are they even and easy to navigate?
  • Tree roots - do they protrude from any walking path and cause a tripping hazard?
  • Ramps - are they available when there’s need to ascend or descend to enter the space?
  • Door entrances - can someone with mobility issues fit through the door? What if they’re in a wheel chair or using crutches?

On top of Title III requirements with the ADA, Title II dictates that these considerations also need to be made even when an existing building is in place and not undergoing construction. Thinking of all these factors proactively helps you before anyone accessing your facility faces issues. As an ADA concrete contractor, Protrk exclusively works with businesses like yours to ensure that you’re providing the best exterior setup for your customers who may face difficulties getting in.

When running your business and thinking about your exterior setup, you’ll be on the forefront of compliant businesses with the ADA. Unfortunately, a majority of operations fail on the compliance front. If you take necessary steps, you’ll be able to avoid problems with customers and even possible litigation. Taking proactive measures, including contacting an ADA concrete contractor, will not only ease your mind but place your company at the top with customer satisfaction and ease of access.


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