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When it comes to building sidewalks that meet ADA requirements, one of the trickiest and sometimes most expensive issues is the maximum slope requirements. There is no plus tolerance on the maximum 2% cross-slope. It is usually necessary to remove and replace sections of an existing sidewalk. This is one of the main reasons why choosing an experienced ADA concrete contractor is a good idea. They have the knowledge and the skill to achieve compliant sidewalk cross-slopes for the most affordable costs.

Maximum Cross-Slope for Sidewalks

Sidewalks should have a maximum cross-slope of 2% or 1-inch fall for every 4 feet of width. This is because someone using crutches, a wheelchair, or other mobility aid needs to exert significantly more effort to navigate a sloped surface than they do on a level one. Maintaining a maximum 2% cross-slope helps to make it easier for them.

At Protrk, we do not use Asphalt for work anywhere a 2% maximum Cross Slope is required. The reason for this is that as an experienced ADA Concrete contractor, we have found concrete is the best product for ADA work, as it is one we can guarantee to stay 2% compliant.

Minimum Wheelchair Clearance

Another factor to consider as an ADA concrete contractor when working on sidewalk design is that there is a minimum clearance width of 3 feet for wheelchair users. However, they may need room to pass, so if the sidewalk is only the minimum 3 feet in width, there will also need to be passing areas of at least 5 x 5 feet at intervals of approximately 200 feet.

Curb Cuts & ADA Concrete Ramps

It is also crucial that curb cuts are included at crosswalks when a new sidewalk is being designed and built. This helps those with mobility issues and wheelchair users, and other pedestrians who may be using strollers or carts.

Curb cuts should be a minimum of 3 feet 4 inches at the base and have flared sides not exceeding a 2.33% slope. The ADA concrete ramps cannot exceed an 8.33% slope and must be flared smooth to the street's surface.


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Why Wait to be "Forced" into ADA Compliance. If you are a public business or public property owner, save money, lawsuits, time and headaches by being prepared and avoiding it all in the first place. It’s time to call in the ADA pros. Use Protrk, an ADA construction expert, to Get it Done Right Prior to Forced Compliance. 

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