Top Tips For ADA Concrete at Your Property

Top Tips For ADA Concrete at Your Property

17 Mar 2021 By Admin

Something many business owners fail to think about when addressing ADA requirements at their property is the role that concrete has to play in achieving accessibility. An ADA concrete expert can help you to make sure you are in compliance.

Check out these top tips on making sure your concrete makes the grade for accessibility.

1 - Does Your Sidewalk Have a Curb Ramp?

If a sidewalk curb blocks your entrance, you need to install a curb ramp to allow wheelchair or other mobility aid users easy access. Hire an experienced ADA concrete contractor to take care of this to bring your business into compliance with ADA guidelines.

2 - Use Concrete for Access Ramps

ADA requirements do not specifically require a particular material to be used in the construction of ramps. However, it does have to be slip-resistant, and it must not be prone to collecting water. ADA concrete has become popular because it fits these requirements. It is porous, so it will absorb water rather than allowing it to pool on the surface, and it is also a tremendous slip-resistant material to use in ramps, access routes, and sidewalks.

3 - Choose a Reputable Contractor

You need an ADA concrete expert to make sure everything is in line with the appropriate ADA guidelines. The margins for error are very small when it comes to ADA construction, so you need to hire the right contractor. Ideally, this should be an ADA construction expert who only works on ADA projects. Do not be afraid to ask for qualifications. ADA guidelines are very strict, and choosing the right contractor can mean the difference between a lawsuit and no lawsuit!

4 - Landing Areas Must Meet ADA Requirements

Landing areas at the top and bottom of ramps must meet ADA requirements to allow comfortable maneuvering. An ADA concrete expert can help make sure that the appropriate guidance is followed: The requirements that must be met will include:

  • Landing areas must be level
  • Landing areas should be as the ramp itself
  • Landing areas should be at least 60 inches long

5 - Install Handrails if Needed

Ramps with a rise of over six inches need to have the proper handrails on both sides of the ramp. It is important to work with an ADA construction expert to make sure that your handrails are compliant with all of the relevant ADA guidelines and any state requirements.


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