The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

In 1906, San Francisco was hit by The Great Earthquake resulting in city-wide destruction and around 700...


California Small Businesses Hit By ADA Lawsuits

ADA Lawsuits are hitting many small businesses in California that are already reeling following the pandemic...


Golden Gate Park is Bigger Than Central Park

Fun Fact! At over 1000 acres, San Francisco's Golden Gate Park is actually bigger than the much more famous...


San Francisco is a Small City

Did you know? Despite a population of over 7 million people, the city of San Francisco is actually very small. It...


Bakersfield Addresses Park Accessibility

The City of Bakersfield, CA is working to improve accessibility to five public parks in the area with a range...


Is Your Accessible Route Considered a Ramp?

Mr. Compliant Eyes says: Remember that any part of an Accessible Route with a slope of over 1:20 is considered a...


Specializing in Design-Build Projects

What is the ProTrk Difference? Unlike general contractors, we ONLY do ADA construction. We are self-performing...


Santa Clara County Creates the Office of Disability Affairs

Clara County has created the Office of Disability Affairs to help advocate for disabled residents. It will...


You Can Avoid An ADA Lawsuit

Take action now to make your property ADA Compliant and you can avoid the stress and the expense of a Federal...


Serial ADA Lawsuit Filer Sets Sights on Bay Area

Sacramento-based attorney Scott Johnson is known for being one of the most prolific serial filers of ADA lawsuits...


Non-Compliance With ADA Means a Federal Lawsuit

If your business is not ADA compliant, you are facing a Federal Lawsuit. This can be detrimental to your business...


California is One of the Most ADA Compliant States

California is recognized as one of the most #ADA compliant states. Since the ADA was enacted in 1992, over 20,000...


Easy Ways For Companies to be More Inclusive

An interesting read by Bess Williamson assessing the accessibility issues still present in architecture even 30 years on...


Easy Ways For Companies to be More Inclusive

How can companies support disability inclusion with the latest innovations? Check out these 3 easy ways to make a change. ...


Every U.S. Transit Station Must Be Accessible

The newly proposed 'All Stations Accessibility Program (ASAP) Act 2021, seeks to make $10 billion available to help transit providers to retrofit...


Accessible Parks Take Priority As Summer Approaches

With the Summer months fast approaching, it is refreshing to see that many municipalities are making it a priority to ensure local...


Disabiltiy Visibility Campaigner Alice Wong

San Francisco based Alice Wong is working to make space for more disabled Asian Americans like her with her 'Disability Visibility' project. ...


Wheelchair Accessible Trails in California

As we head into Summer, maybe you are hoping to spend some time outdoors? If so, then this guide to the best Wheelchair Accessible trails around California will...


Will a Single Regional Rail System Improve Accessibility?

Would merging BART and Caltrain into a single regional rail system, set to eventually encircle the Bay, make public transportation faster, cheaper, and more accessible. ...


Opening Doors to Disabled Customers

What is the best way for businesses to provide access to people with disabilities? A good starting point is making sure they are able to get through the door! Is it wide enough for a wheelchair to get...


Oregon State Parks Unveil Plan to Improve Accessibility

Great news for Accessibility! Oregon State Parks will spend the next 25 years making their parks more accessible to disabled visitors. The plan will see improvements made...


Only 27% of NYC Subways Stations Accessible

In NYC, private contractors are being called upon by the MTA to help with accessibility upgrades to subway stations across the city and Staten Island. Real estate developers are being asked...


Restaurant, Bar & Cafeteria ADA Design Considerations

Stepping Thru Accessibility recently shared some advice about the key ADA design considerations for restaurants, bars & cafeterias looking to be more accessible. As well as addressing creating the appropriate space to...


What if Barrier Removal is Not Feasible?

Along with cost and business operation, the technical feasibility of barrier removal must be taken into consideration. It may be impossible to alter or expand a bathroom due to load-bearing...


U.S. Access Board Discontinues Newsletter

Due to the accelerated pace of today’s news cycle, the U.S. Access Board is discontinuing publication of its bimonthly e-newsletter, Access Currents. The Board will...


What is Accessibility?

What is accessibility? In a literal sense, it is the ability to access! This is something that BlueDAG talks about in their February 2021 newsletter.


Don't Wait for The Lawsuit

Did you know? The #ADA allows disabled people the right to file a federal #lawsuit against your business for violation of ADA regulations.


Let An ADA construction Expert be Your Guide

Are you confused about #ADAregulations and what applies to your property? You need an ADA Construction Specialist to guide you through the process. With #ProtrkConstruction One Call Does It All! 415-813-9877


Mandatory Disability Accessibility Improvement Program

If you are a business owner in the San Francisco area, compliance with the Mandatory Disability Accessibility Improvement Program has been your responsibility since May 22, 2016. Protrk Construction is already working with businesses in your area to carry out the necessary adjustments. Trust Protrk to get it done right the first time!


One Call Does it All

From Third Party #CASp Reports, to As-Built Drawings, to Construction Documents & Approvals, to Fully #ADACompliant, Protrk is Your Single Source for #ADAConstruction Solutions! Call Today: 415-813-9877


Are You in the San Francisco Area?

Are you a business owner in the San Francisco area?

Did you know? As of May 22, 2016, local ordinance requires that all primary entrances and paths of travel to...


Being involved in ADA design and construction has given me the opportunity to help a lot of business owners and commercial property owners prevent costly ADA compliant lawsuits.

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