ADA Concrete Compliance: The Right Choice for Your Business

ADA Concrete Compliance: The Right Choice for Your Business

20 November 2021 By Admin

As a business or property owner, ADA compliance is essential. If you are not sure if you meet all of the necessary requirements, it's time to hire an ADA concrete contractor to assess your property.

You may be wondering why it's such a big deal? Let's put aside the fact that it is a legal requirement for just a moment and focus on the fact that it is simply the right thing to do! For your business to be successful, you need as many customers as possible to come through your doors. That's business 101, right? Now, consider that if you don't have facilities like an ADA compliant entrance, accessible ADA concrete ramp, or accessible parking, you are essentially telling 1 in every four potential customers that they cannot come in! Can your business afford to turn away 25% of your potential income? What sort of reputation are you creating for your business if it becomes known you don't care about disabled customers enough to make your business accessible to them?

Of course, as mentioned, it is also a legal requirement. If you are not ADA compliant, then sooner or later, you will find yourself facing a federal lawsuit! Around 54% of the work we carry out as an ADA concrete contractor is helping businesses who have lost an ADA lawsuit to become compliant. It is much less expensive for you to take action now rather than wait for the lawsuit.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is Not Out to Get You!

We often hear business owners complain about the Americans with Disabilities Act. There is a misconception that it just gives people an excuse to file a lawsuit. The reality is that, yes, serial filers are known for so-called 'drive-by' lawsuits. However, these people are in the minority, and those types of lawsuits are not in the spirit of how the ADA is intended to work.

Through our time as an ADA concrete contractor, we have come to view the ADA differently. It's not there to punish your business. It is there to help your business reach its maximum potential and serve your community best. Making sure that you are ADA compliant means you will be in a position to serve all potential customers. It also means you can employ the best people for your business - what if you missed out on a fantastic employee who went to a competitor because they could not access your offices? Addressing these accessibility issues will benefit your business, plus you get the knock-on effect of protecting yourself against those drive-by lawsuits!

How Is a Business Owner Supposed to Know What's Compliant?

Another thing we hear from business and property owners all the time is, 'how am I supposed to know this stuff?'. The answer is, you're not! That's our job. As your ADA concrete contractor, we will access your property and make our recommendations to get you fully ADA compliant. We use a proprietary value engineering process that has helped us save clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by designing the most cost-effective barrier removal solutions. We will take care of everything from street level to your entrance, getting you compliant with just one call.


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Why Wait to be "Forced" into ADA Compliance. If you are a public business or public property owner, save money, lawsuits, time and headaches by being prepared and avoiding it all in the first place. It’s time to call in the ADA pros. Use Protrk, an ADA construction expert, to Get it Done Right Prior to Forced Compliance. 

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Being involved in ADA design and construction has given me the opportunity to help a lot of business owners and commercial property owners prevent costly ADA compliant lawsuits.

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